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I made my way through the crowds, smelling the air. God, it was good - no, bloody great - to be in a town that smelt so evil. I hear Sunnydale's a hellmouth. Nice. That means it's a playground for people like me.

I walked through the busy mall. It was an hour until closing, and so there were plenty of people scurrying about. It's the perfect feeding ground for a vampire, apart from the fluorescent lights, which as well as making me look, well, dead gave me a sodding headache. Still, it allowed me to kill two birds with one stone, as it were.

Smiling, I went into a boutique. The girl behind the counter smiled at me.

"Can I help you, sir?" she asked.
"Nice dresses you got here," I said, smiling at her. I ran my fingers across one of the racks, feeling the silk rub against my skin. My smile deepened. "I'm thinking of buying a frock for a lady friend of mine. The only problem is, I've forgotten what size she wears." I pulled one of the dresses off its hanger. It was the colour of seafoam, a slip of silk and lace. "She's about your size, though," I said, tilting my head at her. "Same lovely figure." The girl blushed, dimples appearing in her cheeks. Oh, she was a ripe treat. "Don't suppose you'd try it on for me, would you? Let me get an idea of the size?"
"Oh, um, I'm not sure I should..." she began. I leaned across the counter and put my fingers under her chin.
"Please," I said. "I'd be very...grateful." My gaze lingered on the curve of her throat and shoulder. She stirred under it, her skin pinking beautifully.
"Um, ok," she said, carefully locking the till and putting the key in her pocket in case I was trying to trick her. Poor pet. Me stealing her money was the last thing she had to worry about.

She disappeared into the changing room, and I looked around the shop. Picked up a few bits of jewellery, the sort of stuff my Dru would like. I dropped them into my pockets.

The girl emerged, smiling shyly. She was a picture. Her blonde hair hung over her shoulders, and the dress skimmed her curves.
"You look lovely," I said, closing the gap between us. "I like this embroidery," I added, stroking the strap of the dress. I felt her shiver under my touch, and she looked at me with dilated eyes. Oh, so very ripe. "A pretty dress for a pretty girl," I added, lowering my head to her throat. I pressed my lips to her pulse and heard her sigh with desire. And then I bit her.

Her fingers scrabbled against my back, but I was too strong, of course, and after a minute she stopped struggling. It was tempting to keep drinking, but I had to leave her alive. Wouldn't be much of a present if she were dead, after all.

I lifted the girl up and left through the back of the shop, heading down the back stairs to my car. I drove her back to the Factory, where Dru and I had set up home. Nice place.

I lay the girl on our bed. She looked pretty as a picture. Dru could feed on her without having to use too much of her strength. My poor love. That idiot mob had tried to kill her. Well, I was going to make sure she got better.

"Dru, pet," I called. "Are you home? I've got a surprise for you."
* * *
Occasionally, I do leave the campus. Even though I've got all I need right there, a nice abandoned building made all cozy, and food whenever I want it, sometimes I have to escape. The minions, they're so dumb, sometimes I wish the Slayer would dust them all just so I could get some new ones. Some better looking ones, too. They shouldn't be prettier than me, but damn if I don't get sick of looking at the same ugly faces all the time. Maybe I should just dust them myself.

Obviously, I'm in a mood, and not a nice one. I feel restless. Sometimes the UC Sunnydale campus just feels too small for me. So I go somewhere else. Tonight, it's the Bronze. Not my usual hunting ground, but I like it, and I know how to work it. I slip through the crowd, my blonde hair long and loose in waves. I've got on a short leather mini, tall boots, a nice black button-down, mostly undone, and I feel good.


[Open to anyone.]

* * *
A small, wicked smile crossed my face as I walked down the street in Sunnydale leading to the Bronze. It would be fun to see some of the "Scooby gang" again, meaning that they would hopefully be there. Really though, why wouldn't they be? It wasn't as if Sunnydale was crawling with places for young, high-schoolers to hang around at.

Of course, there was the new slayer to think about. She had supposedly just arrived in town earlier that week, and I was looking forward to meeting her... and to killing her. The latter being the most preferred. I didn't want any slayer messing up my reign with my master in Sunnydale, so taking her out as quickly as possible was the only option.

I neared the Bronze just as I began to hear footsteps echoing behind me. I stopped at turned. "Show yourself," I stated, annoyed anyone could think they could follow me. "I don't want any distractions tonight."

((Sorry for the short post, I'm being bombarded with homework. I'll be on sporadically tonight, though.))
* * *
"I. Cannot. Believe. This." Each word leaves my mouth at the same time as my boot hits a new step on the cement stairs leading to the doors of Sunnydale High. "A high school. Think I'd rather be back on the streets of Boston than sittin' in some stuffy old building with some stuffy old woman talkin' in my ear all day. This Slayer shit ain't all it's cracked up to be."

When that British dude turned up on my doorstep, first thing I couldn't believe was that he'd made it down the block in that neighborhood without nothin' takin' the shine off his shoes. Second thing was that he wanted to take me out of there. What the hell would any rich guy want with a little Boston street rat? Well, other than that.

But no, this dude told me that I was the Chosen One. One girl in all the world to fight the forces of evil, or some shit like that. All I knew was that suddenly it made a lot more sense, how I'd been able to hold my own against...well, not quite a supernatural hell-creature, but at least my dad. 'Stead of endin' up in the usual bloody heap on the floor, two days ago I'd blocked his punch and ran, dragging the runt with me.

Which made it all the weirder that the Watcher guy had come to my door, since my door was a convenient piece of cardboard box at the time. Guess that element of surprise had made me more willing to go with him. Eh, who'm I kidding. I'd've done about anything before I'd stay in that alley any longer than I had to.

The jabbering of about a million chirpy surfer kids knocks me out of my thoughts as I cross the threshhold into the school lobby. Turning, I holler back to the smaller girl tryin' her best to keep up with me.

"Hey runt, where's this library thing anyway? You still got that school map?"

((Open for Dawn definitely, and whomever else feels like being in the high school.))
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